CamoBands™ Core System – Wildlife Edition

Quick Overview

The world's most versatile, adaptive concealment system. Redefines professional and recreational camouflage.

• Hides your shape, color, and scent in any environment
• Secures camouflage in positions of optimal effect
• Protects skin/fabric from harmful foliage (camo)
• Can go anywhere the action is, for use when needed
• Supports full mobility, weaponry use

One cap comes with each new Core System purchase:

– Dear and Elk Hunters (Mossy Oak® Infiity®, woodlands)
– Duck Hunters (Real Tree® Max-4®, field and marshlands)
– Urban or Desert Tactical (U.S. Combat, digi-gray)
– Forest or Mountain Tactical (U.S. Combat, digi-green)
– Night Ops (S.W.A.T./Special Forces Ghost Team, stealth black)

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CamoBands™ Core System – Wildlife Edition

The Wildlife Edition is a compact portable camouflage system worn over clothing. It allows hunters, photographers, and spotters to hide their shape, color, silhouette, and even scent from wildlife, undetected. Its sibling Tactical Edition helps soldiers, law enforcement, and paintball or air soft gamers hide from an enemy, undetected.

The 5-pc kits includes 1 arm frame, 1 leg frame, 1 hat, and 2 pair of elastic straps and buckles. This kit worn in a row down one side of the body - head, bicep, shin - offers up to 120 degrees concealment. For up to 240 and 360 degrees of concealment choose our 9- and 16-pc kits respectively, sold separately.

The environment is your best camouflage; wearing what's there inside CamoBands protective fleX-frame technology eliminates skin or fabric damage. The patented ventilation system keeps it cool and dry for endless comfort. Modular units quickly attach and detach for endless configurations. Carry inside any small pocket or pack for use only when needed.

Note: When the proper foliage and placement inside CamoBands fleX-frame occurs, both the product and the wearer become concealed beyond recognition.

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