Current News

MAR 2013 – CamoBands™ "Outdoor Sports Expo" identifies Utah scalable manufacturing.
MAR 2013 – CamoBands™ sells out of inventory third month in a row. Wells Fargo to finance inventory.
FEB 2013 – CamoBands™ endorsed by Tred Barta, world-class, record-holding hunter, archer, fishermen, and tv host (ABC, "The Hard Way, the Barta Way"), "Best product of the show.," "Biggest advance in camo in 50 years."
FEB 2013 – CamoBands™ endorsed by Gary Lewis (renown hunter, fishermen, author, tv show host), "Perfect for turkey and bow hunting…and a whole lot more."
JAN 2013 – CamoBands™ sponsors Jared Blake (country-rock heart-throb contestant on NBC's "The Voice") new single "Country-fied".
JAN 2013 – CamoBands™ featured in Primitive Archer magazine, "CamoBands explodes traditional barriers with natural camouflage system."
JAN 2013 – CamoBands™ named "Best New Product" and "Crowd Favorite", Western Hunting Expo (inventory 1st sell-out)
JAN 2013 – CamoBands™ Las Vegas "ShotShow" executive meetings results in Overstock, D&H Distribution, UnderArmour, BlackHawk, future product design and partnership negotiations.
DEC 2012 – CamoBands™ Christmas promotions attract Gary Wilson and partners.
NOV 2012 – CamoBands™ pre-sells historic first products on and new online store.
NOV 2012 – CamoBands™ Sends 10 Media Kits with product samples to leading hunting and outdoor magazines, retailers, bloggers...
NOV 2012 – CamoBands™ Sends 10 Media Kits with Product Samples to Leading Hunting and Outdoor Magazines, Retailers, Bloggers...
NOV 2012 – CamoBands™ Named "The Ultimate Hunting Camouflage System" –
NOV 2012 – Utah's Black Ops Elite (aka BoE) Red Team wins Simulation War-game, with CamoBands™; Blue forces had None.
NOV 2012 – CamoBands™ reviewed by, "CamoBands™ lets...hunters and sportsmen...adapt to any environment."
OCT 2012 – CamoBands™ sets launch date for November 15, 2012
OCT 2012 – CamoBands™ launches web site
OCT 2012 – CamoBands™ completes promotional video production, audio, and final mastering
SEP 2012 – CamoBands™ completes marketing materials and hand-tag design
SEP 2012 – CamoBands™ completes scissor and elastic band holster (completing the CamoBands™ Core System items)
SEP 2012 – CamoBands™ begins shooting promotional videos
AUG 2012 – CamoBands™ completes manufacturing tools or frames and hat inserts (first injection molding tests completed)
AUG 2012 – CamoBands™ completes 3D model and cut-n-sew patterns
AUG 2012 – CamoBands™ receives start-up capital from friends and family.
AUG 2012 – CamoBands LLC signs Top 25 PR firm, Snapp Conner (Utah), to maximize launch success
AUG 2012 – CamoBands LLC is established in Salt Lake City, Utah
AUG 2012 – CamoBands™ completes patent filings for "The World's leading Real-time Adaptive Camouflage System".

What It Is

CamoBands™ lets you slip leaves and grass into flex straps on your body to conceal your shape, color and scent. Camobands™ consist of high-tech rubber frames, embedded with double-layered, paired elastic bands, and rugged buckles to secure them to your body. CamoBands™ Core System includes – one (1) cap, one (1) medium frame and one (1) large frame – outperforms a camouflage wardrobe, at a fraction of the cost. Additional CamoBands™ frames and interchangeable straps (sold separately) offer additional advantages that our trained consultants can help explain.

How It Works

The Camobands™ Real-time Adaptive Camouflage System enables the wearer to blend seamlessly into changing environments quickly and powerfully – "Just Band and Blend". The idea is this. The environment determines what camo works. Meanwhile, NO camo print works with every environment. So, either bring a whole wardrobe of patterns, or create your camouflage as you go, placing foliage directly from the terrain into CamoBands™ for significantly better cost, weight, and convenience. 


Using CamoBands™ is quick and simple:

• First, gather leafy branches and slip them inside Camobands™, between the lower elastic and the rubber frame. 

• Second, gather plants and grasses, and slip them into the elastic loops.

• Pull garment taught, then buckle Camobands™ into a comfortable position.

• Ventilation gills and follicles allow air to flow, resulting in dry comfort lasting all day.

• Stores conveniently in a pack, or buckles to your belt using the Camobands™ Scissor and Strap Holster.

For Whom

CamoBands™ allows users to get closer, undetected, than ever before. This philosophical and tactical superiority will attract many users, among them:

– Bow

- Bear

- Coyote
– Water Fowl
– Other

– Special Ops
– Sharp shooters
– Infantry

Paintball and Airsoft

Wildlife Photographers




– Beware of pranksters :)



Warning: Hide Responsibly


We will collect the list of growing retailers as they occur. CamoBands™ will be available exclusively at starting November 2012.


If you are a retailer and would like to know more click on the PDF file, or to speak directly with a CamoBands™ Representative please enter your contact info here.


To become an Authorized CamoBands™ Reseller, please complete and submit the Authorized Retailer Application, and a representative will contact you shortly.


Product marketing materials, pricing list and/or P.O. to pre-qualified Authorized Retailer Application available upon request.


CamoBands™ is one of the most exciting hunting, military, or recreational technologies to come along in years. To learn more, click on the links to download the CamoBands™ Media Kit (PDF) or enter your contact info below to get more info, schedule an interview, receive early bird announcements, or to get the latest scoop.


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Camobands™ are designed to hold a lot of foliage, so don't be shy. Pruning trees, bushes, and plants, when done right, actually improves their health. Choosing what to prune to make a win win situation for the environment and your coverage is the challenge.


To start, look around you. Where are you? Which direction do you want hidden from? Look behind you at the leafiest branches and grasses at foot to head height. Take scissor or a knife to prune several handfuls of them.


Basically, you'll use the lower layer (between the elastics and the frames) for small branches full of leaves. Insert them stem-side first into camoband straps from both directions, with some going diagonal – the way natural plants look and grow. You'll then use the upper layer (between the double-layer of elastic straps) for long grasses and smaller leafy plants.


Repeat steps one and two as you move to new environment, to continually hide. Remember "band and blend, band and blend, band and blend...". No camo patterns works for every background. Likewise, no single Camoband set-up will work for every background. So, either carry a wardrobe of differing camo-pattern clothing, or slip a CamoBands™ System into your pack to be able to adapt and blend continuously.


Note: CamoBands™ Real-time Adaptive Camouflage System allows you to blend, comfortably, and with agile mobility. Literally you may all-out run, crawl, climb,...and CamoBands™ will secure the foliage always.


One thing CamoBands™ technology and philosophy proves is that you need only dramatically break up your head, shoulders, and a leg to achieve the most stealth of any camo technology marketed anywhere in the world today. Play CamoBandits™, to see amazing photos that prove CamoBands™ uprecedented performance.